Want To Learn Facebook? Read This!

Facebook Marketing book by Dan Zarrella & Alison Zarrella

A book which details how a business can effectively market its services and products via Facebook ® . The book is written in a manner which a novice user or an intermediate user, which I consider myself, will find helpful. I found the book to provide a wealth of information in a very readable manner.

I like how the information is presented in each chapter. A reader is given step by step instructions to set up an account. Businesses are given exact steps as to what to look for in target audiences to get the most bang for the buck. Businesses are provided information such as how to find ‘customers’ and how to have ‘customers’ find it along with having an interactive relationship with the ‘customer’. I use the term ‘customer’ to describe the target audience which the business is attempting to attract. Having true to life screen shots in the book are invaluable for visual learners such as myself, unfortunately they do not appear very clear on an e-reader, at least on a 7” e-reader. For this reason I wish I had the physical book in front of me to work through the set up a new account and follow along with the suggestions to glean information from target groups. Security is discussed in detail, which could be very helpful for parents.

I give the book 4 stars because I believe the screen shots are better quality in the physical book. However, if Oreilly truly wants people to go green and utilize the e-readers, something will need to be done with the fuzzy difficult to read images.