Classes Have Begun

Whew- back in full mode with classes, or so it seems. Bethel Series on Monday nights, and pre-seminary Greek on Friday nights. Somewhere in there I also fit 40-50 hours of work, workouts at the community center and skydiving. This weekend is no skydiving, but I am going to check out Skydive Midwest, where my first instructor moved to for the rest of this season. It’s in Sturtevent, and 2+ hours away, but busy busy busy place. Gina and I are going there in a couple weeks to do a tandem jump, and she’s bringing a friend with, so it’ll be TONS OF FUN!!

I still haven’t figured out how I can get a stable exit. I talked to my instructor last night, and I have to stop getting hung up on the exit. When my brain is ready to recognize the entire jump and ready to accept the ENTIRE field of vision, I will actually remember what my body does when I step off of the strut! I know that I will look back on these videos and simply chuckle!!!

First class of GREEK last night wasn’t too bad. I still remember the alphabet, can recite it, and write it in lower and upper case. Now I have to practice reading the Greek bible because right now, I sound like a 4 year old learning how to read. I sound out each letter, syllable and sound rather inane.

Bethel Series class we are working on the New Testament/ Greek Bible, and I don’t spend a lot of extra time on it. I do attend the Monday night sessions and take notes so that I can critically review bible studies, this one included.

As for injuries from last weekend’s jump. Bruised tailbone, no fractures or break (thankfully), sprained, strained, swollen knee, swollen ankle (thankfully no pain). I am now wearing a knee brace (beautiful hinges on the side), try to keep the knee elevated and ice it. Funny thing is- I talk to my niece for advice on sports injuries.

LSTC- application is in, letters of recommendation are requested, and now to finish the 2 page essay for the candidacy committee and get on the schedule for another interview. Oh, and work on financial aid, scholarships and grants.

I am getting close to having ideas together for the foot tattoo in memory/ honor of my parents. Their names, anniversary date, and an image which represents their great lives. Once it is done, I will report on it and have a pic posted!