I got it working!! When I update my blog, I can have a TWEET sent along with adding a post to FB showing that my blog has been updated. YEAH!!! Once in a great while my geek brain cells come forward.

Two weeks and no skydiving. I miss it. Today is the first full day I went without the knee brace, but I’m still going to wear it when I sleep, because I really don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I’m looking forward to skydiving this weekend, I just have to see if I can actually move around in the plane.

Next weekend Gina, a friend of hers and I are going for a tandem jump in Milwaukee area- I’m SOOOOooo looking forward to it! It will be a fun jump, no learning, and I’m hoping we can do some fun things during free fall- but I’m not sure how that works with tandems.

WOW- in a short 3 weeks I will attend LSTC, for the seminary sampler. I will be on campus, sit in on a class, and reflect on the fact that one year from now I will be fully immersed in being a seminary student. YIKES!