Ortho Says—-

Grade 2-3 Medial Collateral ligament injury. Physical Therapy and see ortho in 6 weeks. ~Sigh. Yet another appointment to have in my already busy schedule- crap.


Of course- skydiving! Well at least checking out a new to me DZ. See how the weather is, talk with some instructors, see when they start again next season, and if I would have to go through their entire AFP program, or if I can work with a coach and simply work to get my maneuvers right and get my A license. Skydiving in the air without a coach, but with friends who want me to get better and have fun in the air with me. YEAH!!!!!

LSTC, I simply can’t wait— ok, so I’m really REALLY getting ahead of myself, but I remember this time last year, I was so depressed I ate ice cream and frozen yogurt every night. “I found myself driving past Culver’s that weren’t on the way home.” (my spin from Raising Arizona). Oh, and just how much weight did I gain? Ack, far too much, I’m just glad I’ve lost 15 of it so far; yes I’m sure I’ve lost more I just HATE stepping on a scale and I refuse to own one. So this fall, instead of eating my way through the fears, anxieties, anger and depression I am working out, staying busy as crazy at work, and am looking ever forward to becoming a master’s student. I honestly never thought I would see the day, and I never thought I would do it, but thankfully people encouraged me, and thankfully my mom and grandma Cele were strong women who are encouraging me all the way.

As I explore ways to do this seminary thing without incurring additional debt, while continuing my skydiving and going to Eastern Europe next year, I am amazed at the possible scholarships I can apply for. OK- so I’ve already applied to some of them, and will continue to apply for them. Who knows, maybe I’ll study abroad for a semester or a summer. :) Traveling via public transportation in Chicago will be a trip, but it will save us SOoooo much money. I just can’t see taking the Bug to Chicago to sit in paid parking for 3-4 days while Scott continues to drive a fuel sucking truck. I can relax for the 3+ hour drive there, and I don’t have to worry about driving around lost in Chicago.

Last weekend I got together with a friend for coffee, and it was SO good to catch up with her. I swear we haven’t seen each other in a couple years, and wow, it’s amazing how we both get older, she is a 2nd year law student, and next year I will be a first year seminary student; but we picked up and talked like we just saw each other. Friends like that are a treasure!

This weekend is dad’s 71st birthday. I continue to feel so blessed that he is living where he is. I’m going to go see him on Sunday and take an ice cream treat from Dairy Queen; he’ll devour his before I even start mine! I come by my sweet tooth and hard work honestly! Funny, those characteristics I get from dad, and from mom I get the spunky yet hard working attitude.