Musings et al,

I can’t believe tomorrow will mark 4 years since Scott & I stood on a beach in Key West and made a lifelong commitment. yeah, so that’s not so sappy, I know! But I was just looking for anniversary cards and almost gagged because they were so mushy! Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner to Ruth Chris. I’ve NEVER been there, and I have gotten past my pre-conceived idea that the place is a roughneck all you can eat beef joint. The Logo with the US PRIME stamp just makes me think of a brand in a beef cow.

> I’ve been taking the bus to work once a week, and today I FINALLY made it home on the correct bus, didn’t miss a transfer or anything! When I got on the wrong bus and headed west instead of east I truly wondered whether or not I could survive in Chicago using Public Transportation. While musing this concern with a friend, she said, Listen, we fully understood public transportation in another country, but Madison’s bus routes just confuse me. I felt a bit better, and simply reminded myself that I’m not going to grow or experience new things if I don’t step outside my comfort zone.

OR Step outside of a plane! Soon skydiving season will be upon us Northern Midwest people. I am looking at getting my A-license in Chicago. Safety day is March 24th, and I have the opportunity to go tour the new facility this Saturday!!

> In two short weeks I will once again go before the synod’s candidacy committee and interview. An interview before a panel of 13 people is always a bit nerve-wracking, but I feel so much more prepared this time around. Unfortunately I yet have to find the ‘why’ I’m called, but I definitely am getting the call to go into ordained ministry. When I walked on LSTC’s campus last summer and fall everything felt right, and everything simply confirmed that a call to ordained ministry is where I am to be headed.

I’m still concerned about the financial state of going to school. I’ve applied for over 20 scholarships, and unfortunately get turned down or have to wait for the judging to be complete. While I know this is the path I’m to take, I yet have to learn to let go. I have to realize that I’m not in control of everything, and particularily this! oh God help me be patient!

wow- tomorrow Scott and I will celebrate our 4th anniversary. Or is it our first? Gotta love leap year day weddings!!