Housewife? Nope

Today is my third day unemployed, and I just have to say that being a housewife is not for me. In fact, Monday night already I mentioned to Scott, “I’m not really digging not working.”
Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT dismissing the role of a housewife, I just know full well that it is not for me, I am much more suited to juggling my schedule; working 40+ hours a week, exercise time, bible study time, husband/family time, etc.

For those who need to catch up, Friday July 13th was my final day employed at Bethel Lutheran Church. August 3rd I head out to Eastern Europe for a 2+ week church trip with other church members visiting various places in Eastern Europe, learning its history and culture. I get back to Madison on Monday August 20th and on August 23 I move to LSTC’s campus.

What are my 2+ weeks filled with? Pottery time at Horizons, writing scholarship essays, learning my Accordance Bible Software, trying not to fret about my campus housing, reading scripture as I prepare for seminary, shopping IKEA. Oh, and hopefully getting a tattoo on Sunday. An image which is to be a memory & honor of my parents. Picture will be posted when it’s done.

Right now I am watching the ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans- I LOVE the fact that I can stream it, and ‘sort of’ feel like I was there. It’s amazing that I was there, in the superdome 15 years ago as an adult leader. As I watch it now, I’m amazed at who I recognize, Peter Mayer, Pr. Nadia Bolz-Weber, Rachel Kurtz, Tracey Howe, Bishop Rinehart. Musicians who have been at Bethel, or Bethel Horizons. Pr. who I have seen at a conference, Bishop who I met through a mutual friend.

Wrap up this post? With what? Plans for future posts? How will I manage this blog as I start this new chapter in my life? I believe keeping a journal during this time is essential, but that is not the purpose of the blog.

and, back to housewife duties….