About me:

Raised in rural Wisconsin, moved to Madison for school, and never left the area. I love the awesome opportunities available in Madison, I don’t like the high cost of living (compared to other parts of WI).

I married a wonderful man on Leap Year day in 2008 on a beach in Key West.

As I’ve gotten older, I realize that many things my mom and dad and grandparents said was right. I realize that life is far too short to work at a life-sucking job. I realize that life is far too short to not experience every possible moment and enjoy it. That is why I go from experience to experience; landscaping to canning to skydiving to returning to school and become an ordained pastor.

I am very proud of the fact that I can be a great example to my nieces. Strong independent women can live life the way they want without conforming to societal norm. Me? tattoos, more to come, bible reading nut, techy geek who loves pyrotechnics, motorcycling and skydiving.

In other words, I was born 15 years too late because I would have made an excellent flower child!

Stacy's Life – Sometimes boring – Sometimes exciting – NEVER Consistent